Answers to frequently asked questions
Answers to frequently asked questions

Where do you get employees from?

We obtain employees mainly from the East, most often from Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia and Kazakhstan. Our next goal is to recruit employees from Asia.

What distinguishes you?

Thanks to our financial resources, extensive staff base, experience gained over the years and logistics management skills, we carry out even the most ambitious projects. We offer all our contractors a comprehensive service of the processes of acquiring and employing workers. We recruit staff on the basis of the candidate profile, which we determine together with the client. We take care of the documentation of employees and their personnel service in accordance with current guidelines. For each project we dedicate bilingual coordinators who introduce teams of employees to the customer's plant. They are available 7 days a week and manage and also coordinate the work of the team throughout the duration of the contract.

Where can I find a price list for your services?

We treat each client individually, which is why we do not have a price list of services. When analyzing the profile of your business, we create a valuation based on your current business needs.

How long does the recruitment process take?

The recruitment process takes about 2-3 weeks, depending on the industry and the specifics of the order. This is the time counted from the moment of signing the contract to the delivery of employees to the customer's workplace.

Which industries do you most often work with and for which positions do you recruit employees?

We provide our services most often for the following industries: logistics, production and e-commerce. We usually employ workers for production, warehouse and service positions, such as hotel services. We also handle orders from other industries.

Do you recruit employees with knowledge of the Polish language?

We have a database of over 30 thousand candidates, thanks to which we have access to employees who speak Polish at least in a communicative degree. People with good knowledge of the Polish language are delegated to the position of team leader.

Where do you have your offices?

We have offices in Szczecin, Slupsk, Gdansk, Bydgoszcz, Warsaw, Krakow, Rzeszow and Wroclaw. Thanks to this, we serve customer processes throughout Poland.

Where is the company headquarters located?

The company's headquarters is located in Bydgoszcz.

Since when do you operate in the employment market?

We started our business in 2016 as a small company with about 10 employees. Currently, there are over 80 specialists working in the Respekt Personal Group throughout the country. We are constantly developing to ensure the highest quality of services.

What companies do you work with?

Currently, we cooperate with companies from various sectors, including Colian LLC, Drobimex LLC, magazine Enis LLP (, Sokolow Podlaski JSC, ID Logistic JSC, PKC Group Poland LLC, Kabel-Technik-Polska LLC or Pepco LLC.

Do your employees have experience?

Depending on the needs of our clients, we provide candidates with appropriate experience in a given industry.

What is process outsourcing?

Process outsourcing is a great way to reduce the costs associated with hiring employees and increase the profits of the company. This model consists in transferring the supervision over part or all of the business processes to an external supplier. Outsourcing involves long-term cooperation and includes comprehensive formal and legal services. Companies often decide on such a form of cooperation to more effectively carry out tasks and reduce costs.

How is process outsourcing different from temporary work?

Process outsourcing involves delegating certain company functions to other entities. This solution makes sense in many situations requiring specialized knowledge or specific resources. Thanks to this, the company can focus on the areas that constitute its main field of activity. The implementation time of outsourced processes is unlimited. The costs of the service are determined according to clear rules and parameters. Thanks to this, our clients can accurately estimate the expenses related to a given process and avoid unexpected financial outlays. The undoubted advantage of this type of solution for enterprises is the certainty of continuity of processes, ongoing monitoring of the service provided by the outsourcer and comprehensive administrative support.

Temporary work is an order carried out for the benefit of the user's employer, that is, a company that delegates work of a seasonal, periodic or ad hoc nature. Workers employed by the agency works under the direction of the user's employer. According to the Act on the employment of temporary workers, the temporary employment agency has the right to direct a given temporary worker to perform work for one employer of the user for a period not exceeding 18 months during a total period of 36 subsequent months. Osh training for temporary agency workers should be provided by the user's employer. This applies to general initial training (general instruction), position training (job training) and periodic training.

How many external workers do you employ?

Currently, we employ about 2,000 external workers.

Based on what contracts do you work for?

We cooperate on the basis of contracts for process outsourcing and on temporary employment contracts.

Tooling agreement? What is that?

In accordance with the regulations, employees employed by us will use devices or tools that your company provides under an agreement - a tooling agreement. Such an agreement includes details of renting the necessary equipment from the contracting company.

Do you have Poles in your database?

Currently, our database consists mainly of foreign employees. If the client wants to know Polish, we recruit people who know Polish.

How do you solve the issue of translation of instructions for devices or machines?

Depending on the model of cooperation and the process that is redirected to us, we can translate the user manual of devices or machines into a language understandable by employees. This is done at the express direction and according to the client's guidelines, with the support of our regional coordinators and the translation agencies we work with.

What is the payment term for the service?

The payment deadline is 14 days from the date of invoice issuance (by the 15th of each month).

Do you have a policy and for what amounts?

Yes, our policy ranges from 100 000 to 500 000 pln.
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