Workers for every industry. Also qualified ones

Cooperation offer

Workers for every industry. Also qualified ones

Cooperation offer

How to find employees? - Ask us for help!

A shortage of specialists, such as welders, fitters, seamstresses, carpenters, steel tters and electricians, is a serious problem for Polish employers. This is where Respekt Personal Group comes to the rescue. We are a nationwide network which provides staffing support for business.

We deal with organised and top-quality outsourcing of qualified workers. We recruit candidates with the desired qualifications, high motivation and engagement. They are ready to settle in Poland temporarily or permanently.

We also specialise in finding groups of workers for the production, logistics and warehouse industries. 90% of them are Ukrainians. It is because over the years we have established strong partner relationships with numerous recruitment offices based in Ukraine. Moreover, since the demand is reported to so many trusted sources, we can guarantee a short completion time of almost any project.

Which specialists are the most sought-after?

Relying on many years of experience and long-term market observations, we can unanimously conclude that the workers who are the most sought-after in the labour market are welders, fitters, production workers in the meat and fish processing industry, seamstresses and cleaners. Each of them has the skills required to properly fulfil their duties. Such skills are verified during recruitment.

Advantages of outsourcing and temporary work

  • Reducing costs and saving the working time of HR and administrative departments of companies.

  • The possibility to instantly, smoothly and efficiently fill staffing gaps with motivated workers ready to work shifts and do overtime.

We are ready for any challenge!
Our services.

  • We work on the basis of outsourcing agreements or temporary work agreements

  • The workers’ remuneration is paid by Respekt Personal. We charge the client on the basis of a VAT invoice

  • We provide comprehensive advice on acquiring and managing workers, which includes formal and legal services at every stage of the contract

  • A bilingual coordinator dedicated to the Partner is constantly in contact with the Partner and the worker

  • We offer Partners a three-day test period and when it ends, the Partner may decide whether to employ a given worker

  • We carry out the required training courses which enable workers to improve their qualifications (e.g. to work at height or operate a forklift truck)

  • We can assure you that we only choose workers who lawfully reside in Poland and have valid work permits

  • We have certificates which authorise us to employ workers from multiple countries

  • We are fleexible. Our rates are determined individually, depending on specific parameters

  • Our goal is to provide services of an excellent quality. We control the performance of agreements with the help of our Quality Control Department

  • We guarantee the continuity of service in a given job position and if it is necessary, we find a replacement

How we do work?

Estimating the demand:

  • carefully verifying and analysing the client’s needs;
  • preparing a customised strategy and presenting an offer adjusted to the client’s needs;
  • signing an agreement.

Starting the recruitment process:

  • organising and running a multi-channel recruitment campaign (marketing);
  • verifying potential candidates.

Organising the arrival of candidates and legalising their stay and employment:

  • organising and monitoring the candidates’ arrival in Poland;
  • taking administrative actions, taking care of formalities;
  • finding accommodation for workers (we guarantee a high housing standard);
  • carrying out the required tests and training courses;
  • providing on-the-job training.

Actively monitoring work:

  • providing professional support to bilingual coordinators (availability: 24/7);

  • verifying the provisions of the agreement with the client;

  • taking care of financial settlements.