About us

Green has accompanied us from the very beginning. However, it does not mean that we are “as green as grass” when it comes to our industry. Quite the opposite! The experts who make up Respekt Personal are passionate and have extensive experience when it comes to providing business solutions and outsourcing foreigners to satisfy the needs of Polish business owners and European investors.

We carry out recruitment projects all over Poland. We offer support with managing teams of workers and we take over a part of the risk related to employing them.

It means that we not only carefully select and recruit candidates, but also help them organise their trip to Poland, provide accommodation and support foremen and bilingual coordinators.

We guarantee support at every stage of their employment with our client, who has fewer duties because we take them over. In this way, we enable our clients to save time, reduce costs and stand out from their competitors.

Our mission

We provide groups of specialists, production workers and warehouse workers who help our clients achieve their business goals.

Our employees include qualified welders, metalworkers, steel fitters, wood fitters, electricians, polishers, carpenters, sanders, bakers, seamstresses and production line operators.

We also recruit and outsource production workers to work in the meat and fish processing industry, the confectionery industry and enterprises which specialise in woodworking, metal processing and plastics processing.

Our candidates are the citizens of various countries, including Ukraine (about 90%), Belarus, Moldova and Russia.

We cooperate with agency offices in all of the above-mentioned countries, which makes it easier for us to satisfy even the greatest staffing needs.

Our team

The establishment of RESPEKT PERSONAL was a response to increasing staffing needs in the Polish labour market. Even though our company celebrates its 5th anniversary this year, our staff can boast of over ten years of experience in the outsourcing and temporary work industry.

We are a tight team with great interpersonal skills. Every member of our team has unique traits, which is why we are a perfect match and make up a strong and creative team. We are ready for any challenge. We like people and we like one another…

It is widely known that a tight and committed team can move mountains and achieve a lot more than an individual. We take care of human relations in our team. Annual team building events, Christmas meetings and Friday afternoons together have become our tradition. We inspire each other to act. As a result, we respond to the needs of our Partners. Even the most demanding ones.