• timely payment of a VAT invoice

Determining the demand

• verification of customer needs;
• adjusting the offer to the client’s needs;
• signing a contract.

Launching employee recruitment

• conducting a recruitment campaign (marketing);
• verification of potential candidates.

Organization of arrivals and legalization of the studio

• arrival;
• administration;
• employee accommodation
• conducting research and training;
• on-site implementation.

Active work monitoring

• solving any problems with new and permanent employees made available;
• verification of the provisions of the contract with the client;
• settlement – VAT invoice payment;
• substantive support 24/7 hours.
• guarantee of high housing standards for employees

Staff shortages are a serious problem for employers in Poland. RESPECT PERSONAL comes to the rescue. We are looking for candidates with appropriate qualifications, with high motivation and commitment, ready to settle permanently in Poland.

We specialize in the recruitment of production workers and qualified people such as: welders, steel structure fitters, locksmiths, electricians, grinders, carpenters, upholsterers, dressmakers. We acquire ninety percent of our employees from Ukraine. This is due to the fact that we have 30 our recruitment offices in Ukraine, so after reporting the demand to 30 sources, we have a quick response and quick implementation time.

Range of services

Outsourcing Benefits

Reducing expenditure and saving time of personnel and administrative departments of the company. Rapid, efficient and effective provision of staffing needs, motivated employees, ready to work in shifts, overtime.